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Ctac (1631) 30% 50% 70% 99% Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride

Model Number (1631)
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Product Features

Ammonium chloride (dry basis) > = 99.5%
Moisture < = 0.4%
Sodium chloride (dry basis) < = 0.2%
Iron content < = 0.001%
The heavy metal content (Pb) < = 0.0005%
Water insoluble matter < = 0.02%
Sulfate (-SO4) < = 0.02%
PH value: 4.0-5.8
Alexa residue burning: < = 0.4%


  1. Widely used to manufacture hair conditioner, hair treatment, hair mousse and wet towel preservative. and easy cleaning with water after using.
  2. Widely used as ore flotation agent, phase transfer catalysis, organobentonite modifier, disinfectant, bactericidal agent, emulsion foaming agent, etc.
  3. Emulsifier: asphalt emulsifier & building waterproof emulsifier, silicone oil emulsifier, emulsifier of cosmetic.
  4. Textile auxiliary: softener & antistatic agent.
  5. Flocculant: used in sewage disposal
  6. Other: protective cover.

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